College of Law and Politics

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College of Law and Politics aims to promote advanced knowledge and understanding of the theory, concepts and rules of law. This college also, focuses on developing skillful individuals in sense of law and politics. You will also gain an understanding of the choices that political systems must regularly make, the processes that maintain or change those systems, and the concepts and values used in political analysis.

College Mission

The college seeks to be the leader in all scientific, cultural and social levels and distinguished in its application of the quality system and reliance on modern education systems and the creation of a knowledge system that depends on modern foundations in education and work to raise the legal culture in society and rely on modern technological and technological systems in the educational process in order to meet the college To the ranks of colleges known internationally.

College Vision

Finding a qualitative shift in university teaching and providing services in various fields of legal sciences, human rights and political science to allow the preparation of graduates who are specialized in areas of legal knowledge with a solid base and leaders in finding employment opportunities themselves inside and outside the country, and in a manner that contributes to establishing strong legal foundations for Iraqi legislation and benefit From the modern legal view of reviewing these legislations, working to produce them and making them as integrated as possible for society